Novita BH90 & BH93


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Novita bidet pleases and staisfies you uniquely and sensuously

Special Features:

remote Touch-Type Remote Control

Excellent touch feel and slim design.
Operation status accessible through LCD window at a glance.
Convenient backlighting in the absence of light source.
Mangnet is used for firm and stable adhesion between remote control and holder .
Graphical User Interface in which button images match to icon images in LCD window.
Engraved buttons for easy and convienient touch.

twin nozzle Instant Heating System(IHS) Using TFR Heating Unit

Each time cleansing operation is required , TFR (Thin FIlm Rutenox) unit is activated to make hot water (33-40'c) available instantly
Up to 50% of water nad 63% of power can be saved , compared to non-IHS bidet.
Wih water tank not required , bidet can be installed even at smaller and narrow toilet

Lid Night Light

With illumination sensor , bidet can be used easily and safely even when no source of light is available.
Lights turn on automatically depending on illumination intensity(1~4 Lux , but may differ depending on user setting.)
On/Off setting is available.
Night Light creates calm and peaceful atmosphere. .

Warm Seat Automatoic Seat Cover Operation

A sensor effectively defects human body movement
Seat cover is opened/closed automaticaly when a user is within the specified sensing distance.
Human body sensor can be strt to on/off by touching the button the remote control.(Not applicable to BH80 and BH83)

Warm Seat Self Cleaning System

Nozzle is self-cleaned automaticaly before and after each use , creating more hygenic cleasing effect.

Warm Seat LED Display Window

Prior to using the product , setting status can be checked through LED display window.

Warm Seat Two -nozzle - in - one - pocket - Design

Two nozzles( cleansing and bidet) are placed in upper and lower part of a pocket for attaining respective accurate postioning.

Warm Seat Nozzle Cover for Cleaning Purposes

Detachable nozzle cover enabling user to clean nozzle deeper inside whenever desired so , thus ensuring more hygienic use of bidet product.

Warm Seat Stainless Steel Nozzel

Stainless steel nozzel ensures longer use of the product .
Silver- nano interior material helps kill bacteria significantly.
Non slippery exterior material least likely to be stained. Detachable nozzle tip for easier cleaning and dust removal.

Warm Seat One - touch Seat / Cover Operation

There is no need to manually open cover (female user) or seat/cover (male user) as seat/seat cover can be opened automaticaly by touching the respective buttons on the rmote control (Not applicable to BH80 and BH83) .