With the toilet seats we offer, you and your family can bring the highest standards of cleanliness and convenience to everyday personal care.

  Using the very latest in technology, the toilet seats are easy to install and include a wide range of convenient features, such as sensitive temperature and water pressure controls to ensure thorough cleansing for both posterior and feminine washing, a level of freshness and comfort that makes hygienic care easy and pleasant for children, and adults including those physically challenged. There is no better way to maintain a higher standard of personal care.

  These toilet seats takes advantage of innovative design and technique to ensure total peace of mind regarding the cleanliness of the seat itself.

  They provide superior comfort through innovative design and technology developed over the past decades, and remain committed to meeting consumers' rising expectations for every style of bathroom.

  Today, these toilet seats are not only used in residential homes, but in in many hotels, hospitals, and other public facilities.

  From start to finish, they have been designed to make the entire washing experience to be as simple, effective, and refreshing as possible. You'll notice the difference from the moment you sit on the heated seat—a warm welcome instead of a mid-winter wake-up. And after using the toilet, a simple click of the wall-mounted controller activates a warm water spray that cleans and soothes.

  Water temperature and spray settings are adjustable to your personal preference, and the air drying function ensures that you leave the bathroom feeling fresh and clean. The spray unit is self-cleaning, and the high quality construction means that you can be sure of enjoying the toilet seats for many years to come.

Also you can buy various high quality electronic bidet toilet seat products with innovative design for your luxury home from Shower toilet.

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